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Carolina Megan Rates

I travel to North Carolina and South Carolina by invitation only. Dates longer than 4 hours are considered Exclusive Dates. This means if you book an Exclusive Date, then I am traveling exclusively for you on the day you’ve reserved and will book nothing else for that day.

Some cities are a little easier to make a trip happen, but all cities in the Carolinas have the same rates.

1 Hour
$200 Deposit
2 Hours
$200 Deposit
4 Hours
$200 Deposit
6 Hours
$400 Deposit
8 Hours
$400 Deposit
12 Hours
$500 Deposit
10AM to 10PM or 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
24 Hours
$1,000 Deposit
Only available to established clients
Special Rates
I have a special 24-hour rate and special rates for even longer dates for trusted and regular clients and VIP Members on my website.

A Full Day(24 hours) - $3,000
Weekend(48 Hours) - $5,000
Ask about Longer dates

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